Concrete Products Available:  (Distributed from MCC locations in

Rock Hill, SC, and New Bern, NC)

Gill Industries, Inc. has pioneered concrete repair products with micro-silica technology and provided concrete solutions since 1954.  All products are made in the USA and are non-hazardous and environmentally safe.

  • Gill 33® Superbond - Liquid concentrate for patching overlays and full depth pours.  Allows you to put a protective coating on concrete in 24 hours.  Also produces concrete that has high early strength that allows for vehicular traffic in 4 hours.

  • Gill 33® Superbond Repair Kit - For patching existing concrete, overlaying concrete to establish new pitch or wear surface and to produce concrete that may be scheduled for fast track coating.  May be mixed in bucket that it comes packaged in or in small or large transit mixers.

  • Gill 27 Etch N Kleen - Cleaner to remove contaminants that interfere and prevent bonding of cementitious based patching material to existing concrete or clay based products.

  • Gill 17 Gill Lock - Epoxy for bonding fresh concrete to existing concrete.

  • Gill 86 Gill Cure -Restricts the evaporation of water needed for proper hydration of concrete.

  • Gill 4 Safe Kleen - Water based cleaner for concrete that is not to be coated.

  • Gill 8 Horizontal/Vertical Mix - Lightweight, micro-silica/fiber blend for horizontal, vertical, and/or overhead applications.

  • Gill 29 Gill Crete - Specially formulated portland based all-purpose bag mix.

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